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Interim Care Foster Family Agency believes that children who grow up in families, grow up as productive adults. A loving and supportive foster home can provide a foundation for children to become whole again. Our agency is dedicated to serving the educational, emotional and medical needs of children by providing quality foster care. Agency recognizes that children who have been removed from their homes, victims of abuse and neglect, need all the support possible from those who are willing to make a difference in their lives.

Interim Care Foster Family Agency is a non-profit organization 501-C (3). We accept donations and sponsorship from individuals, county businesses, civic organizations, and churches.

GENERAL CHILDREN'S FUND - Monetary donations will be used to purchase those items that a child may wish, but may not be affordable by their foster parents. This may include, music instruments, school year books and graduation expenses, books, athletic uniforms, boys or girls organization uniforms or memberships, etc.

We want to encourage positive social skills in our children. Given the opportunities of participating in community and social events that other children have, they too, will gain positive experience and build good self-esteem during a very difficult time.

MONITOR VISITATION ROOM We accept donations of books and toys for our monitor visitation Room. Items must be new or in excellent condition. The agency provides a warm clean and safe room at our facility. Children and their biological family visit together as ordered by the Juvenile Court.

HOLIDAY FUND - In December of each year, the agency staff puts together a festive holiday party for our children. Each year we reach out to anyone who is interested in sponsoring a child by purchasing a gift from their "Wish List."


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